I am Anthony McFarland, the author of "Shadow of the Dead God." This blog serves as a platform for me to delve deeper into philosophy and theology, offering me a convenient avenue to explore these subjects without committing the significant time and energy required to write another book.

While I take pride in my work, I must admit to feeling a mix of pride and embarrassment regarding "Shadow of the Dead God." I believe I could have produced a superior piece, yet both my editor and a small number of readers have expressed their appreciation for it. The essence of this blog is to address a broader range of topics, expand on existing ones, and remain open to updating my thoughts and perspectives as new information emerges, as any sincere philosopher should.

I made an attempt to venture into YouTube; however, due to limited resources and a lack of requisite skills, I was unable to create a channel that could make a significant contribution. Consequently, writing here will serve as my outlet. I hope to continue my journey of learning and writing about philosophy, and I sincerely hope you find enjoyment in the content presented on this blog.


Welcome to my website! I'm Anthony, a 36-year-old business professional hailing from Cincinnati. With a passion for management and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I currently oversee a thriving business, generating an annual revenue of $2.5 million (specific industry undisclosed).

In 2022, I proudly earned my MBA, which has provided me with a solid foundation in business strategy, leadership, and innovation. This educational achievement has empowered me to navigate the complexities of the corporate world and drive success for the organizations I serve.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I find immense joy in my personal life. I am blessed with a loving and supportive family, including my incredible wife, Tia, and my beautiful daughter, Savannah. In addition to Savannah, we have been fortunate to open our hearts and home to our adopted son, Josh. Witnessing their growth and happiness brings immeasurable fulfillment to my life.

Raised in the Episcopal faith, my journey has led me to embrace atheism, a perspective that has shaped my worldview and values. As an independent thinker and politically unaffiliated individual, I appreciate exploring diverse ideas and engaging in meaningful discussions that challenge the status quo.

Through this website, I aim to share my experiences, insights, and perspectives on various topics that matter to me. Whether it's business strategy, personal development, or philosophical reflections, I hope to foster an open and thought-provoking space for readers like you.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to connecting with you and sharing our collective journey of growth and discovery.